Saturday, June 18, 2011

I just want to play and write music.....

I was talking to my wife yesterday and I realized thT I just want to play and write music. That is what's best for me and that's what Im great at doing. As far as a career, I feel that everything else would be a waste of time (I don't think I feel that way about teaching). Going back to school for anything else may be a wasteful adventure....I at the plot where I can waste time doing frivolous and non-fruitful stuff.

The reality is that the music business is a tough business and a person had to have thick skin in order to succeed, plus some people skills and drive ( notice I didn't say talent...that's for another posting). Right now gigs and music sales are not paying the bills. Hopefully in the next few years it could. As much as I enjoy teaching my k-5 students, that's not an area I want to stay in education. I enjoy private teaching because of the schedule. Whatever God has for me I don't know but I dont want to waste anymore time or money.


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